"Unlock Your Destiny"

"Because Purpose is the Original Intent."


The VISION of Mercury Ministries SCHOOL OF PURPOSE (aka SOP Academy) is to develop and build an end-time biblically based technological institution that will reteach, revive, renew, restore, replenish, and recover all that has been lost by the Local Church and Believer to a world that has imposed an uncanny promise in which it can not keep to its inhabitants.

The MISSION of Mercury  Ministries SCHOOL OF PURPOSE is to reach, teach, train, and equip every aspiring and maturing believer who possesses the passion to fulfill their purpose in Christ with the most innovative resources essential at the most affordable price to edify and revitalize the local church in advancing the Kingdom of God.

advancement of technological communication, and a new age of culture and faith.  All of these changes has caught the Church by surprise gasping in an attempt to recover from a state of denial.

Although Satan and the world system has deceived and diverted many from the right path, the SCHOOL OF PURPOSE goal is to reignite and enrich passionate believers around the world with essential tools qualified to stir up the Body of Christ and reclaim its position with manifold wisdom to advance the Kingdom of God through every Local Church until the coming of our LORD.

The 21st Century Era has brought to us a tremendous increase in knowledge by the way of the Internet, a great influence of world  religion, the alluring claim of spiritualism, the globalization of the world through the colossal