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Are U Ready?

Is Hybrid / Online Learning

for Me?


Hybrid and Online courses are not for everyone. Although Hybrid and Online courses result in more convenience and flexibility than traditional courses, these courses require more

dedication, and time-management skills than typical traditional classroom learning.


Highly motivated adults who need flexible scheduling to balance family, work, and school will prefer these course options. The information below can help you decide if Online or Hybrid courses are for you.


Fewer Classes Does Not Mean Less Work

The time that is not spent in class will be spent online at home. Significantly more out-of-class time will be spent with school work with hybrid classes than in the traditional class environment.


Time Management Skills

Developing proficient time management skills is crucial for a student’s success in an online or hybrid class.


Take Responsibility for Your Own Learning

In the Online or Hybrid course you will take responsibility for your own learning out of the classroom. These courses emphasize learning activities that require student responsiveness and participation.


Technologically Proficient

Online and Hybrid courses require students to use email, computers, online research methods, or other new technologies.


Your Success with

Hybrid and Online Learning

  • Prepare yourself mentally; purchase the book early and review it


  • Read the entire syllabus before the first class session or orientation


  • Attend the orientation


  • Keep up and don’t procrastinate


  • Set aside specific times during the week for the course and stick to it


  • If a paper is due, gather all the information (research) early


  • Be disciplined


  • Develop your computer skills


  • Don’t wait, ask for help early if you need it


  • Keep in touch with the professor


  • If the class is using an LMS such as Captivate Prime, 360Learning, or Docebo check the course site daily










Are You Ready

for Hybrid/Online Learning?


Hybrid Courses combine the best features of in-class interaction and online learning.  Most importantly a good and dedicated internet access is required.


Hybrid courses typically begin with an on-location class meeting to discuss the class meeting schedule and course outline.


On-location class meetings for these courses can be reduced by as much as 50% compared to traditional courses.  Furthermore, participation will be required online to replace in-class sessions.


Online Courses are courses where all learning activities are conducted using the Internet. In most cases there will be no on-location meetings with the instructor or other students enrolled in the course.  As with Hybrid Courses, internet access is required.


In both cases there is a prerequisite Review or Online Course before starting.  Digital Chalk, Adobe Connect, or 360Learning will be the eLearning portals used for promoting the course content. Lastly, all resources will be available or clarified during the initial on-site meetings at an additional price. Incidentally, the primary resource required for most of the SOP curriculum is the LOGOS Bible Software, others will be noted accordilngly.