"Unlock Your Destiny"

"Because Purpose is the Original Intent."


This is the refresher course for anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed with the vast amount of information our society provides through the internet.  Furthermore, it is the course that has assisted thousands of students from K-12 to Higher Education with the tips and skills necessary for navigating through numerous periodicals, journals, books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and the internet to decipher what is credible and what is not for preparing any type of academic paper.  In addition, this course will take you from the topic to the draft. From selecting a topic, nailing a thesis, to navigating the right resources this is the course that gets you to deliver your final paper on time.  Note: This course is a 2 Day 2 Hour or 1 Day Seminar session.

ILT100: Information Literacy (4Crs)


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