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America's Local Church Challenge To Grow in a Globalizing Confused Society

Whether we'd like to admit it or not, everyone likes to see the fruit of their labor. With the growth of globalization in America and the benefits of diversity and multiculturalism comes also the dilution or population of faiths. Consequently, faith growth does not always spell Church Growth and the way America is presently going this cross-cultural blend will eventually effect the true fabric of the nation. Now this is not a knock against multi-cultures in America, but how our nation has abandoned its God, faith, and values for the love of money through all manner of acquisitions. Consequently, if politics or politicians have their way, globalization will effect the local and the emerging Church first.

Moreover, the key to Church sustenance and multiplication is being true to the call and mission; which means, America must take the responsibility to uphold the values in which it has been built upon and not allow privileged folks to have their way because of greed, pride, and selfishness. Incidentally, if America does right to pay attention to this liberty we have been given and turn around, things could turn for the better of us all. Notwithstanding, for the Church at Large, getting back to the basics, as well as the foundation always works especially when seeking God. Tell me, how do you think Globalization in America effects or benefits the Local Church?


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