"Unlock Your Destiny"

"Because Purpose is the Original Intent."


Ministerial Excellence (ME), Leadership Training, Kingdom Building,
Professional Development, Motivational Speaking, Communication Courses,
Tutoring, K-12 Mentoring, Entrepreneurship, Pastoral Counseling, Advising, and Consulting

SOP ACADEMY hosts a number of Consulting, Training, Teaching, Leadership, Pro-Personal Developmental, Entrepreneurship, and K-12 venues designed to direct, advise, cultivate, and inspire individuals and organizations to discover their Purpose and activate their Visions.  Whether you're young in the discovery of your life or seasoned in your prime Mercury Ministries School of Purpose has a venue to stir up your gifts and get you on track with your life endeavor.

Click and complete the Agenda to the right and be on the look out for a 24-48hr email or phone reply.  Should you not hear from us within 48hrs feel free to give us a Call or Schedule a Phone Appointment.  Our delight is to assist you with fulfilling your Purpose and Executing your Vision.


"Because Purpose is the Original Intent."



Book SOP Academy or Dr. Mercury Thomas-Ha' for our Services and we'll be more than delighted to facilitate your venue for a negotiable honorarium.