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"Because Purpose is the Original Intent."



LMS Online

(Learning Management System)


While the world continues to modernize through the advancement of technology and the internet, many people have the flexibility and convenience of expediting their time to become more productive in their lives.


Incidentally, more time for many means more opportunities, in the case of education many people are not only able to go back to school, but also study when their schedules are most open.  What makes possible a good learning experience is an *LMS, that is a Learning Management System that can provide the tools for course content and intentional progress measurements in tracking academic standards for student success.


SOP Leadership Academy provides an on-site (traditional class), online (web based), and in most cases a hybrid (class and web) learning solution for study and course management for the total  maximization of every student and client via  360Learning, Docebo, and Adobe Connect.  If you've enrolled into one of our study genres you've more than likely been given an LMS solution for your course assignment activities.  Click on the specified LMS Login "Button" above and enter your User ID and Password to get started.

Virtual Classroom Training VCT

(Course Collaboration)


SOP Leadership Academy is a faith-based pilot initiative operating mostly as a mobile hybrid virtual academic institution on the cutting edge. We provide an affordable yet profound program that is both integrating and flexible reaching the traditional and contemporary learner and organization seeking to Explore the Word of God, Discover and Fulfill Purpose, acquire Personal and Professional Development. Furthermore, we Partner with K12 to Higher Education institutions to deploy accelerated  General Educational Communication Courses,  Mentoring, Tutoring, and Life Coaching Skills  designed for reaching an emerging culture. 


The SOP Leadership program provides a hybrid and online training experience where learners and clients meet on-site and online. What makes this




possible yet


is the effective

virtual proponents we use. So, be prepared to take your learning potential to the next level as the SOP Curriculum--Webinars, Seminars, and Workshops challenge you to enter the virtual classroom from any place and at any time utilizing your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.  Access the virtual portal through the Click for CC Login "Button" above and be sure to have your Username and Password available.

The Need for CMS

(Content Management System)


SOP Leadership Academy presently manages its online content through technology storage, designer CMS's, and developing solutions that provide flexibility and convenience in safeguarding all accessible resources.

While traditional classroom learning continues to provide the bulk of education and is well established for monitoring and measuring academics, eLearning computer web based online courses are the contemporary mode of learning which is exponentially increasing to provide convenience, flexibility, and creativity for a diverse generation of up and coming students preparing for a more advanced and technological society at hand. 


In order for an online program to succeed and accomplish the task of not only competing, but storing available resources, designing immersive content, and managing learner tasks and growth, it must incorporate effective Content Management Solutions.