"Unlock Your Destiny"

"Because Purpose is the Original Intent."


As a young and maturing pastor carrying out the work of the LORD for over fifteen years and seeking to execute the mission of God with the spirit of excellence, I have been more than challenged and intrigued with engaging and encouraging young and aspiring ministers to work effectively at perfecting their gifts in the local church and throughout the Church at Large.  Notwithstanding, in my ever living quest to achieve the work of the local church and advance the Kingdom of God, the LORD granted unto me the answer and provision, “Mercury Ministries School of Purpose.”


Unbeknown to many the SOP came to me in a most despairing time. In 2009, I was finally hired for a new full benefit teaching opportunity that seemed to be the long awaiting job that cracked the echelon in higher education; notwithstanding, by the beginning of the new term my employer noted that I could not fulfill the position because of regulation updates by Middle States Commission on Higher Education.  I was quite disappointed at the moment, but still grateful that I had my 10+ year Associate Professor position in the Humanities Division.  As I returned back to my division where I had already been granted a contract extension, I then was informed that I was no longer qualified to teach with a Master's or PhD Degree that was not in Humanities.  Challenged with an economy on the decline, I prayed and pondered on how I would get the money to return back to school or where I would start a new career, and just like that the LORD spoke to me saying, "You don't have to start all over again, just transfer your skills to the Kingdom." A month or so had passed, and like a virus both of my key assistants in ministry had loss their jobs a month apart; I prayed and encouraged them both and told them we're going to redeem and maximize our time. The rest is history and the beginning of the Vision


The  School  of  Purpose (or SOP) was  envisioned  to  assist individuals of  all  walks  of  life  in  the endeavor  of  discovering and fulfilling their God-given purpose.  In the pursuit of fulfilling  our  mission as an institution of spiritual excellence and enrichment, we continue to develop and provide the teaching and training necessary to make known the mysteries of God.  Moreover, there must be resources fitting to accomplish such a task that would allow every potential disciple to reach their individual and collective destiny in progressive time. Notwithstanding, the study resources prepared has been prayerfully and carefully chosen to leave an indelible imprint upon every disciple's life to bring change and transformation.


So, come on board and unlock your destiny "Because Purpose is the Original Intent."  Read the great works by entrusted stewards of God with an intent, study with a desire, and meditate to lock these truths for developing the life of a godly minister and the spirit of excellence which will be worthy of your claim and a guide for your suspects.


May you be richly blessed,

Dr. Mercury Thomas-Ha'

Mercury Thomas-Ha, PhD

Visionary President / Chief Ambassador


aka SOP Academy


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